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Resources for Online Students

Your dedication to obtaining your education through KSU Online is truly inspiring, and we applaud your commitment to academic growth. Here at Kennesaw State, our team of devoted faculty and staff members are fully committed to assisting you throughout your time here, providing guidance, resources and support at every turn. We understand that the path to success may present challenges along the way, and we want you to know that we're here for you. Your academic success is our top priority, and we're honored to be part of your educational experience.

Put in the Effort

As an online student at KSU Online, you'll benefit from essential resources like KSU Mail for communication, D2L Brightspace for course materials and classroom engagement, tutoring services for academic support, and digital options available at the library for research materials—all aimed at enhancing your learning experience and helping you succeed.

  • KSU Mail
  • D2L Brightspace
  • Tutoring
  • Library

Enjoy Your Journey

Discover a wealth of community-building resources such as Owl Life for events and organizations, The Sentinel for campus news and updates, eSports for gaming enthusiasts, and My Community for networking and academic support. These platforms are designed to enhance your student experience and foster connections in an online environment.

Finish Your Degree

Access essential tools like OwlExpress for managing registration and finances, DegreeWorks for tracking your degree program progress, the Academic Calendar for important university dates, and the A-Z Index to locate campus departments easily.

  • OwlExpress
  • DegreeWorks
  • Academic Calendar
  • A-Z Index

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with Online Learning

  • You can access your online courses by logging intoD2L Brightspacewith your NetID and password.

    Students will gain access to their D2L courses on the first day of each term.

    If a student registers during late registration/drop-add, it may take up to 48 hours to gain access to the course. Students are encouraged to contact their course instructor if they join a class during late registration. The instructor may be able to help the students gain immediate access to the course.

    To become familiar with D2L Brightspace, visitBrightspace Resources for D2L Brightspace Supportand ourD2L help guide.

  • An online student can expect to spend at least as much time in an online course as they would in a face-to-face course.

    To give you a point of reference, for a 3-credit hour online course in a typical 15-week session, a student should expect to spend approximately 6-9 hours per week engaged in class work. In an 8-week summer semester, with the compressed schedule, the time dedicated per course will significantly increase.

    The notion that online courses are easier is not necessarily true. They are more convenient, but still require the same dedication and attention as a face-to-face course.

  • Yes. Please review thisKSU Online orientationmodule.
  • Due to University policy, students enrolled in online degree programs may obtain a KSU ID only by visiting Card Services on campus; KSU IDs cannot be mailed. ID verification with a government issue ID is required by an authorized employee of Kennesaw State University before the KSU ID can be issued.

    VisitCard Servicesfor more information.

  • Absolutely!Online students have access to the same assistance as on-campus students, and information about some of the resources available are listed below:
    • Student Help Desk
    • Academic Advising
    • Student Support
    Additionally, online students also have access to the libraryand thebookstore.

Advising & Registration

  • Online students have access to the same advising options as on-campus students and should utilize those resources when determining their schedules each semester.

    For undergraduate students, advising is available through theadvising website. Graduate students are assigned an academic Program Coordinator for advising needs related to their specific program. 

    Students may also keep track of the courses they have taken and those still needed to in order to complete their degree requirements by accessing DegreeWorks from within OWL Express.

    Please note, Digital Learning Innovations does not provide academic advising services.

  • Students wishing to take online courses will register for those courses through Owl Express in the same manner as on-campus courses. Students will be assigned a Registration Time Ticket from the Office of the Registrar based on their current student status. 

    KSU Online courses in Owl Express are identified with a ‘W’ preceding the section number; for example: ENGL 1101/W01. Students can search for online courses through the Owl Express Class Schedule Search. To limit the search to online courses, select 'Online' under Instructional Method.

    When searching for courses, please remember that course schedules for semesters are not released until shortly before registration opens for that semester. Additionally, course schedules are not the same from semester to semester, and courses may not be available based on a past schedule.

    Please refer to resources published by theRegistrar's Officefor further guidance on using Owl Express to register for courses.

  • As online programs follow the same semester scheduling as on-campus programs, online students are bound by the same registration guidelines as on-campus students.

    Undergraduate and graduate students have different academic policies regarding what constitutes a full-time course load, the maximum course load, as well as policies regarding the minimum number of credit hours required to qualify for veteran status, financial aid or insurance eligibility.

    KSU Online students should refer to the appropriateKSU Catalogfor the Registrar’s policies on these issues and should seekfinancial aid counselingwell in advance of the term’s start date with questions regarding financial aid eligibility based on course load.

  • Online classes do not have unlimited availability of seats, so registering as early as possible is important for online students. We strongly recommend students review the Academic Calendar for the semester they are registering for to determine early registration times, and to review their Owl Express account to determine their Registration Time Ticket. 

    There are several options; however, if the classes a student needs are already full:

    • If the class is a general education requirement and there is an accepted eCore equivalent, a student can register for the eCore version of the course.  Visit theKSU eCore websitefor more information.
    • Students have the option ofwaitlistingfor many courses through Owl Express. Waitlisting is listed under the Registration drop-down.
    • Students can wait until the Drop/Add period to see if seats become available and register for the course then.
  • eCore- short for electronic core-curriculum - allows University System of Georgia (USG) students the opportunity to complete undergraduate, general educational requirements online through accredited colleges and universities. Each course is consistent in both design and accessibility standards and taught by professors who are hand selected from USG institutions.

    eCore offers courses in the general education curriculum. The core curriculum primarily consists of courses required during the first two years of college for a given degree. Not all core curriculum classes are available via eCore.

  • Yes, students can combine on-campus and online courses based on their needs and preferences.

    Some programs are cohort-based online programs that specify separate admission requirements and processes. These programs do not open registration to all KSU students. Existing KSU students can search for available online courses throughOwl Express. After choosing your desired term, be sure to follow directions for searching online classes only.

    Registration preference for online courses is given to students that are designated online learners (admitted to an online program or changed major to an online program).

Technology Help

  • Yes. KSU Online provides technical assistance through theStudent Help Desk.
  • Online learners will need a computer, Internet access, basic software (such as Microsoft Office Suite, Windows Media Player, Quicktime movie player, anti-virus protection and a compatible browser), and auxiliary equipment (such as a webcam and microphone headset for video-based communication). Of course, technology needs will vary by course. But this list applies to most courses.

    • Computer: Online Learners will need reliable access to a desktop or laptop computer that has adequate memory and processing capabilities for large file downloads, video players, and synchronous meeting applications.
    • Auxiliary Equipment: The Digital Learning Innovations team also strongly recommends a WebCam and Headset for video-based communication. Many newer laptop or monitor set-ups are pre-equipped. These items may be required by faculty on a course-by-course basis.
    • Internet Access: Online courses at KSU use the web to deliver courses at a distance. So, to learn in an online course smoothly, you need a high-speed Internet connection (such as DSL, Broadband, etc). This is especially important to the online learning experience.
    • Software: While this will vary by course, you will need a recent version of Microsoft Office Suite. Access to MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS Excel are expected and necessary for viewing course material or completing assignments. Additional requirements include anti-virus protection, Windows Media Player, QuickTime movie player, and a compatible browser. Visit UITS Training for additional information on software training, compatibility, and available downloads.


  • Absolutely! Online students are encouraged to participate in allgraduation activities.
  • No. Online students at Kennesaw State University are completing and earning the same degree as their on-campus counterparts and are awarded the same degree. There is no mention of online learning on either the diploma or transcript issued.
Current Students - KSU Online (2024)
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