Fema IS-800 D Answers - Nims 800 Final Exam Answers (2024)

The FEMA IS-800.D: National Response Framework, An Introduction course, offers crucial insights into the United States’ all-hazards response strategy. It provides IS-800 D answers and explanations to help learners understand the roles, responsibilities, and coordination among different levels of government and agencies. It’s an essential resource for those seeking to pass the exam and for professionals in emergency management and response.

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Fema IS-800 D Answers – ICS 800

Question: Every component of the community needs to be mobilized, involved, and incorporated to effectively respond to a catastrophic incident.

Answer: Correct.

Question: Federal Coordinating Structures include:

Answer: Emergency Support Functions.

Question: The Secretary of Homeland Security, serving as the chief federal authority for managing domestic incidents, orchestrates the use of federal resources in averting, readying for, responding to, or recuperating from terrorist assaults, significant calamities, or various emergencies.

Answer: Correct.

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Question: Emergency Support Functions (ESFs):

Answer: Can be strategically employed to assist response efforts.

Question: Cross-cutting capabilities include:

Answer: Strategizing, dissemination of public information and alerts, and operational synchronization.

Question: How the Federal Government aligns resources and delivers core capabilities to reach our shared National Preparedness Goal is described in:

Answer: The Response federal Interagency Operational Plan.

Question: Identify the statement that is NOT true from the options below:

Answer: The National Response Framework explains how, at all levels, the nation effectively manages all-hazards response.

Question: Some non-governmental organizations are formally recognized as auxiliary units aiding in response efforts. This includes all of the following, except:

Answer: National Response Coordination Center.

Question: States request assistance from other states through interstate mutual aid agreements such as:

Answer: Emergency Management Assistance Compacts (EMACs).

Question: The National Response Framework:

Answer: Is meant to offer direction for the entire community.

Question: The potential contributions of all response partners to delivering core capabilities … response should be incorporated into planning efforts.

Answer: Correct.

Question: Which of the following is activated as necessary to support local EOCs … the resources they need to conduct response activities?

Answer: Regional Response Center.

Question: The response protocols and structures described in the National Response Framework align with the NIMS, and all NIMS components support response.

Answer: Correct.

Question: The SIOC functions as the global Emergency Operations Center for the FBI, responding to major threats or incidents related to federal crimes within the United States’ jurisdiction.

Answer: Joint Operations Center.

Question: The National Response Framework serves as a detailed guide for prevention, recovery, and mitigation efforts.

Answer: Correct.

Question: The National Response Framework is:

Answer: Consistently operational, with components that can be applied flexibly and scaled as required to enhance the response.

Question: The term “response” as used in the National Response Framework include:

Answer: Actions to save lives, protect property and the environment, stabilize communities, and meet basic….FOLLOWING….incident.

Question: The Unified Coordination Group:

Answer: Offers leadership in coordination at the Joint Field Office.

Question: Communities apply NIMS principles to integrate response plans and resource across departments, as well as with the private sector and NGOs.

Answer: Correct.

Question: Community Emergency Response Teams are an example of:

Answer: Local coordinating structures.

Question: Coordination leadership at the Joint Field Office is provided by:

Answer: Unified Coordination Group.

Question: What is the relationship between the National Response Framework and the National Management System (NIMS)?

Answer: The response protocols and structures described in the National Response Framework align with ….. support response.

Question: When there is no Stafford Act declaration, the department or agency …. the coordinating structures appropriate to that authority.

Answer: Correct.

Question: Which organization is a multiagency coordination center generally staffed by ESFs, in an incident, or immediately following an incident.

Answer: Regional Response Coordination Center.

Question: Which organization serves as the principal operations center for the Department …. Security?

Answer: National Military Command Center.

Question: Who holds the responsibility for directing the Federal Government’s response actions to guarantee that the necessary coordination structures, leadership, and resources are swiftly and effectively applied to large-scale and catastrophic incidents?

Answer: The President.

Question: Who is the principal Federal official for domestic incident management?

Answer: Secretary of Homeland Security.

Question: Which response core capability includes conducting appropriate measures to guarantee the protection of public and worker health and safety, as well as environmental conservation, from all hazards in aid of responder actions and the impacted community.

Answer: Environmental Response/Health and Safety.

Question: Which core response capability entails guaranteeing the ability for prompt communication of security, situational awareness, and operational details through any available means, among and between impacted communities in the affected area and all responding forces?

Answer: Operational Communications.

Question: Which core response capability is concerned with offering essential human services and life support to the impacted population, including water, food, shelter, temporary housing, support for evacuees, reunification efforts, and distributing emergency supplies?

Answer: Mass-Care Services.

Question: Which key player in state government holds the responsibility for making sure the state is ready for major emergencies and for orchestrating the statewide response to any such events?

Answer: Director, State Emergency Management Agency.

Question: Identify the statement that is NOT true from the options below. The National Response Framework:

Answer: Identifies capabilities that are essential for response.

Question: Select the Correct statement:

Answer: In an ICS organization, the Command Staff typically includes the chiefs of the Planning, Operations, … Administration sections.

Question: Situational assessment, operational communications, and cybersecurity are core capa …. for all five mission areas.

Answer: Correct.

Question: Within an Emergency Support Function (ESF), who is responsible for supervising the readiness initiatives of the ESF and organizing assistance from supporting agencies?

Answer: ESF coordinator.

Question: In order to help form a common operating picture of the incident and secure additional ……. The Incident Commander communicates needs to:

Answer: Local emergency operations center.

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Fema IS-800 D Answers - Nims 800 Final Exam Answers (2024)
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